About us

About us

Hov Gård is a farm situated in beautiful surroundings on the island of Gimsøy, by a white sandy beach on the far side of the Lofoten Islands. At present we have 42 Icelandic horses and two Shetland ponies. Here at Hov, you can ride in the mountains, on the beaches and along roads that the predecessors of our “Viking horses” rode on over a thousand years ago. Icelandic horses are the descendants of the horses of Viking Age Norway.

About Hov

Hov is one of the oldest places in Lofoten, and historical monuments from ancient times have been found here: landing places for boats, a heathen temple and Viking Age graves. We believe that the residence of Viking chieftain Tore Hjort was located here over 1000 years ago. He is mentioned in the Viking sagas and was killed by King Olav Tryggvason during the Christianization of Norway.

We offer

We offer riding tours (and other horse activities), delicious meals in our cozy Låven Restaurant, camping and possibility to book a sauna for your private use. Hov Gård farm is owned by Frode Hov who is the seventh generation of his family owning and running the farm.

If you’re interested in playing golf and/or staying in a lodge, Lofoten Links Golf and Lodges are very close to us.