Practical information

Practical information

Are you planning to join our tour? This is nice to know:


Your riding skills

At Hov Gård, we have horses for everyone! To insure the perfect match we ask for your riding experience in advance. The experience levels are:

  1. Beginner: “I have never been on horseback before”
  2. Slightly experienced: “I have been riding a horse a few times”
  3. Intermediate: “I can control the horse in the open field”
  4. Advanced: “I am a safe rider and ride regularly”
  5. Professional: “I can control challenging horses in all kinds of terrains”

Weight Limit

Because of the small size (average 140cm) of the Icelandic horses the weight limit on our tours is 95kg depending on the person’s experience of horseback riding or other sports.

What is included ?

We provide helmets, gloves, warm overalls, waterproof rain gears and boots. During the winter, we also provide head lamps and safety vests. During the low season, we offer transfers on requests from Svolvær/Leknes.


The age limit on our tours is 8 years. 5-8 years old child can join the Lofoten by Horse Tour but in that case we advice you to book an extra guide (+650 NOK) to lead the horse during the tour. For children under 5 years, we offer 30-60 min lead rope tours.