Viking Tour

Viking Tour

This is a great riding tour within ancient landscape. We start at the stable at Hov and ride past the old viking amfiteatre and cross the golf course (Lofoten Links) towares the midle of Gimsøy Island where we find the old shoreline and Gimsøymyrene nature reserve.  We ride along what was once the old beachside on a road that we belive once was used by vikings and the ancestors of our Icelandic horses.  The road lies on a ridge, Storraet, that gives a great 360 degree view also towards the nature reserve and mountains around. Also the road is perfect for trying the different gates of the icelandic horse. We ride at the pace you can master but this tour is aimed more at intermediate and experienced riders. At the end of the road we stop at an old setlement with remains after 6 houses that dates from the period 195 BC. to 680 AD.  We have have a short break before we return home. Back at Hov we see the remains after the viking boat hoses and visit the white beach before the tour ends at the stable.

We put safety first so if the weather conditions are too bad, we will have to reschedule the tour. Otherwise, our terms and conditions apply as described here: Terms and Conditions

If you have a special request, you desire a private tour or need a transfer, you will find all the information: Private tours and extra services. 


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